Monday, November 7, 2016

VIeW My ReFleCtioN!

View My Reflection 
model: Najee Ramirez 
stylist: Priscilla Truss
photographer: Priscilla Truss  

Monday, September 26, 2016

View through my shoes

So my name is Priscilla Truss and guess what....I love fashion and how it tells a story. View Through My Shoes will be a blog about an outlook in my shoes and seeing the World as I do. So lets get started.
This is a photo that I took of a friend of mine while in Greece. What do you see? I see a person who is mysterious, who do not know the potential and is able to step out of her shell. There is a natural beauty that is beyond the words. I see what God created in its most authentic form. So you may say what is fashion about this photo due to you not being able to see what exactly she is wearing. Then we must define fashion. What is fashion? I say it is showing who you are through confidence and  style.

I styled the hair and clothes. We were going out to dinner and explore the town of Santorini Greece.